American Software Getting Published

Sometime around 11:00 pm on January 6, 2016, as I was taking a last look at the internet before going to sleep, an email came in with the subject line "American Software". I'd come to hate emails like this because I was tired of reading how much this or that press had liked my poetry colleciton while hoping that it would find a "home" elsewhere. But not this time.

In a brief email WordTech Communications, LLC. advised that they had accepted my collection and that if I accepted the terms of their agreement, it would be published sometime around April of 2017.

I'm an experimental writer, which is also a way of saying I'm a defiant writer. Almost all of the pleasure of being a poet has come in the process of discovering something entirely new and then sharing it with others like a dare - I'll bet you've never seen or heard anything like this before. I'm not a craft person, a wordsmith or literary technician. I have no MFA, no agent and no literary connections. It's not a good way to get your work published. So when I read that email on that night back in January, for the first time I had the feeling that this is going to get done. The book is going to come out.

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