? so what did you think
  ? was it everything you expected
    ? how about the audience
      ? did you like the way they responded
        ? how did you feel
         ? what about the end
          ? were you comfortable
            ? did you feel funny
              ? how about the sexual parts
                ? were you happy with your performance
                  ? did you feel loved
                    ? did you prepare enough
                      ? did you forget that line
                        ? no, I don’t think anyone noticed
                           ? were you happy with your hair
                             ? how about your face
                               ? do you have kids
                                 ? do you think they were watching
                                   ? oh, here comes the owner
                                    ? I think he liked the show
                                      ? go over and say hello
                                       ? he’s really very nice
                                         ? I’ll put in a good word
                                           ? he may ask you to come back
                                             ? well, that about wraps it up
                                               ? you were great
                                                 ? just wonderful
                                                  ? where do you go from here
                                                   ? I think that’s all

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