Prayer on Behalf of 11 Recently Extinct Animals

Oh lord
    [Carolina Parakeet, 1939]
of commonplace miracles
    [Silver Trout, 1930]
forgive our joyless understanding
    [Passenger Pigeon, 1914]
our eyes too small to see
    [Golden Toad, 1989]
our tiny chambered heart
    [Caribbean Monk Seal, 2008]
our closed fisted hands
    [Chinese Paddlefish, 2007]
our bony shelled skulls
    [Pinta Island Tortoise, 2012]
our pointy words
    [Tasmanian Wolf, 1932]
but if our days be unforgiven
    [Javan Tiger, 1979]
let's leave no history behind
    [Heath Hen, 1932]
so like all we have forsaken
    [Yangtze River Dolphin, 2007]
we’ll go without a sound.

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