Four Small Stories

1.         A small boy witnesses the death of his father.
A week later he goes into the father’s closet and
picks out one of his ties. He struggles with
the ends, unable to fasten the knot.
[The boy is the brother in story #4.]

2.         A mother searches her son’s desk draw.
There is a small glassine bag of heroin in the
draw but she doesn’t see it. It’s underneath a
diary that she is afraid to open.
[The mother is the woman in story #3.]

3.         A woman stands on a street corner waiting.
She’s going to ask her husband for a divorce.
Just as he arrives she goes to check her face
in a store window but is unable to see herself.
[The husband is the father in story #1.]

4.         A man seeks forgiveness from his brother.
It is an old wound. They sit down
across from each other in a diner booth.
They talk until they have nothing more to say.
[The man is the son in story #2.]

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