Crossing the Street

I have no memories            per se
at least not [any that I remember]
[or look back on] with any degree
of clarity [as if I could tell you what I know]
[or how things happened] that is [so to speak]
the sequence of events
one after another
you know [the time it takes] or [maybe took]
to realize that I had changed in some way
or saw others change in some way
[and write down all the precise details]
that is [the way the events actually happened]
and some people call them [choices]
that I could have done this or that
            but in the end  I [did do this] and I [did not do that]
and [these become our decisions]
and [we are told we have to live with them]
that [we have to make our beds and sleep with them]
and [when [we wake up]
new choices come [you know]
and [many times we are unaware of those choices]
[but still]  none of them can be called back
even though [as you say]
everything can be changed
so that these choices
[these so called events]
these [memories]
whether [they happened or not] can finally
be [remembered] exactly as they are.

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