Vision of the First Security Camera

I am wired
I am wired to see
I process signals
I respond to motion
I look up
I move left
I move right
I pivot my neck
I see in all directions

[November 2009 - Ft. Hood, Texas]

I watch for patterns
I observe the traffic
I see things coming to a stop
I watch for faces
I take in a scene
I take in the one after that

[January 2011 - Tucson, Arizona]

I see in frames
I store the frames in a stack
I take one
I examine it
I examine the next
I store the frames of faces
I know the data

[April 2012 - Oakland, California]

I saw the car
I saw the man get out
I saw his gun
I saw him looking
I saw him taking aim
I saw the shooting begin
I never turned away

[July 2012 - Aurora, Colorado]

I cannot hear
I have no sound
I see through glass
I saw the doors breaking
I saw the shards exploding

[December 14, 2012 - Newtown, Connecticut]

I watched the pieces flying
I observed people gesturing with hands
I watched the bodies collapsing frame by frame
I traced the images falling
I saw the others moving
I saw them freezing
I saw their eyes go numb
I saw the bleeding
I followed it all

[April 15, 2013 - Boston, Massachusetts]

I know things happen
I know things happen again
I record everything
I show you everything
I cannot stop
I cannot stop looking

[September 16, 2013 - Washington, DC, Navy Yard]


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