as you clicked [on that hard drive snapshot]

as] you combed your watery hair
as] the photographer chatted up your mom
as] sister snapped her bathing cap
as] the family marched to the diving board
as] the photographer set up the pose
as] the Ocean Motel offered a terrace layered backdrop
as] the sun wore off its color
as] sister beamed a bathing beauty smile
as] mom clasped your open shoulder
as] you turned one eye away
as] the photographer shouted, “now!”

as] the camera filled with visible light
as] a solo wave broke anonymously away
as] you slid into the pool
as] the diving board sprung back
as] you broke the plane of water
as] chlorine re-closed your eyes
as] they all walked back into forgotten time
as] each pixel lights up in a window looking out
as] you screen the reverse miracle of years
as] their night was coming ashore

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