On First Seeing the Hubble Deep Field*

Draw with me these blue-white lines
      [let the rivers shake our hands]
Write with me on scrolls of oceans
      [a sea beneath the surface]
Sew with me these patched together days
      [circles in a circle’s breath]
Walk with me this billion year old crust
      [the furnace hot beneath our feet]
See with light created eyes
      [the Sun's only mirror]
Remember all who’ll never know us
      [and all we’ll never know]
Share with me these sparks arriving
      [the just humility of starlight]
Come round on this elliptic road
      [step off the darkening rim]
Come falling through these fallen floors
      [this thin curved band of air]
Gaze with me this wild asylum of life
      [this water bearing beggar’s bowl]
Greet with me this dumb charmed ground
      [step down upon the Earth]

* The Hubble Deep Field is a composite image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope over a 10 day period in December 1995. Aimed at a small and relatively obscure area of space the image contains roughly 3000 galaxies, including some of the youngest and most distant to us.

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