Return Statements

He walked out
He walked away
He walked on surfaces
     [this is how you stay above ground]
He said goodbye to Jesus
He buried his dead
He came to this place
     [a town beneath his feet]
He walked down evening streets
He strode suburban sidewalks
He looked in windows
He imagined the people inside
     [there are two sides to every window]
He remembered his home
He pictured his mom
He stood at the corner
He crossed the street
     [a learned behavior]
He disappeared when he was 12
He was never seen again
He took a job at grocery store
He was good with numbers
He counted cans of corn
     [the price of things always change]
He worked the register
He took from the cash box
He met a woman through a friend
He took her to the movies
     [where else could they go]
He looked down the row of houses
He was standing on his street
He put a hand in his pocket
He looked straight ahead
He listened to the crickets
He read the address
He glanced at his watch
He went up
He went in

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