Blues #3: Rolling and Tumbling*

[If I had possession]
The last ten urine smelling
wolves choking in a hole one
hundreds yards from the last West Virginia
coal town, dirt covered
teeth unable to grasp what happened
chew the legs of the mother.
[over judgment day]

[If I had possession]
Driving to work
a hundred cars
each unknowing the other
ram their fronts against
the ongoing highway
they roll on the roads
eating up the asphalt
chewing up the lines
swallowing up
the rubber bound earth.
[over judgment day]

The turnaround comes with Calvinistic fury; the player always thinks
some other chord is possible but that is never the case.

[Lord, the little woman I'm lovin']
Under all the weight
of ocean water
luminous fish
burrow and wait
having never seen the sun.
[wouldn’t have no right to pray]

*Traditional, Robert Johnson

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