Becoming Lee Harvey Oswald

I looked up from my work
I glanced at the clock
I put down my pen
I stood up
I reached under my desk
I grabbed the box
I picked up the shells
I went out
I saw lunchtime people
I let them walk by
I turned away
I walked on
I looked at my watch
I saw it was time
I took out a smoke
I lit up
I went up the stairs
I counted the steps
I climbed to the top
I opened the door
I walked in the room
I sat down
I opened the box
I picked up the gun
I put in the shells
I stood up
I mounted the sight
I opened the window
I looked all around
I saw cars
I cocked the gun
I sighted the crowd
I saw the black Lincoln
I held my breath
I noticed some trees
I saw the man waving
I aimed at the man
I squinted my eyes
I squeezed the trigger
I fired the gun
I fired again
I was done

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